Philosophical and Aesthetic Constants in the USA Literature in the Dynamics of Literary Trends, ed. Ekaterina Stetsenko. Moscow: IMLI RAN Publ., 2019. - 336 pp.

The last collective work prepared by IWL RAS Chief Research Associate, Doctor Hab. in Philology Ekaterina Stetsenko, considers ideological and aesthetic constants, genres, problems and authors of the American literature, demonstrative for the whole picture of national literary process. The book investigates the role and evolution of the categories of due and real, the phenomenon of correlation of sentimental and romantic, the movement of the narrators point of view from romanticism to modernism, the dialectics of canon as literary factor, transformation of the model of black race in the mainstream literary tradition, genesis of postmodern detective, the influence of English romanticism on the American poetry, synthesis of various trends in the works of W. Faulkner that demonstrates the common tendency of the contemporary literature.

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