The structure of the journal Literature of the Americas implies both permanent and optional headings that correspond to the mail area of research in the New World literary history and international literary connections, as it has been for a long time developed at IWL RAS.

Permanent journal headings:

  • The writer in literary history
  • Poetics. Reading and Interpreting
  • Old World, New World
  • Academic life. News. Events. Book reviews

Optional journal headings:

  • History of American literary studies
  • Literature in context
  • Memorable date
  • Hemispheric studies: inter-American dialogue
  • In memoriam

Special journal headings:

  • Dostoevsky and America. Dostoevsky Bicentennial
  • Theodore Dreiser: 150th Birthday
  • American and Russian Experimental Poetry: Resonances & Transfers

Permanent headings are oriented at the new nomenclature of scientific specialties (registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on April 6, 2021, no. 62998) and prolonged until October 16, 2022 the former nomenclature of specializations of researchers (The Order of the Ministery of Education of the Russian Federation from 25-02-2009 № 59).

5.9.2. World Literature (Philological) ― from 01.02.2022

Optional headings aim to cover relevant events of the academic life and may appear in different journal issues. The journal also introduces special headings devoted to anniversaries and memorable dates, selected authors and literary texts, scholarly problems that are of special interest to contemporary literary studies.

Each journal department is

  - Academic

  - Peer-Reviewed

  - Indexed