1. It is mandatory that all manuscripts submitted to the journal Literature of the Americas are peer reviewed by experts in the field.

  2. The Editorial Department reviews manuscripts on the subject of their compliance with the journal’s thematic scope and formal requirements. All articles are checked for plagiarism on submission (parts of text appropriated from other authors or self-plagiarism). To identify plagiarism, the following resources are used: Antiplagiat and iThenticate.

  3. Manuscripts that do not meet the formal requirements or the subject scope of the journal will not be considered or peer reviewed.

  4. Manuscripts that meet the formal requirements and the subject scope of the journal are sent to two independent reviewers in the specific field of the submitted manuscript.

  5. The article undergoes a double “blind” review process, e.g. when any of the reviewers knows the author’s name nor the author knows the names of the reviewers.

  6. The invited reviewers may be members of the Editorial Board or any other highly qualified experts from IWL RAS and other institutions. Reviewers must follow the principles of Publishing Ethics accepted by the journal.

  7. Reviews are written in a free form or according to the scheme developed by the Editorial Board.

  8. Grounding on the reviews and their own opinion on the manuscripts, the editor-in-chief and the editorial board make decisions about publishing the articles.  In case of considerable differences in the reviewers’ and/or editorial board members’ opinions, the final decision is made by the editor-in-chief. The Managing Editor informs the author about the decision of the editorial board via email. If the article requires substantial revision, correction, or editing, the author receives suggestions and recommendations. If the article is declined, the author receives a considered explanation. The reviews of the editorial board’s members and experts are not sent to the author.  

  9. The article sent to the author for revision shall be returned by the time specified in the letter.

  10. The article rejected by reviewers shall not be resubmitted or considered at the Editorial Board meeting.

  11. The time period of the review is determined in each particular case considering the most rapid possible publication of the article. It takes the maximum of six months to have the manuscript reviewed.

  12. If the article is accepted for publication without substantial corrections  the author is informed about the results of the peer-reviewing and the expected date of publication.  All necessary changes, corrections, editing of the articles accepted for publication are made by the editors in agreement with the author.

  13. The original copies of reviews are kept in the archive of the journal Literature of the Americas for 5 years.

  14. Papers submitted by the members of the Editorial Board, international Editorial Council, and the Editorial Department are reviewed and accepted for publication on a common basis.