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Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Poland

Doctor Hab. of Philology, professor

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Contact info:

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PhD thesis:

Poetics of Henry James’s Early Tales (1860—70s).

Habilitation thesis:

The Problem of Literary Self-Reflexion in Henry James’s Works

Research interests:

  • XIX-XXI century American and British Literature
  • Literary history and theory
  • American and British academic novel
  • Feminist and postcolonial studies

Teaching experience:

Antique, Medieval and Renaissance Literature, 20th and 21st cc. foreign literature,  American literature and Literary Theory.

Selected bibliography:


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RSACS (Russian Society for American Culture Studies)

SSASAA (Salzburg Seminar American Studies Alumni Associaton)

Henry James Society

Grants and fellowships:

1997 – UCIA GRANT for participation in the Winter School for American Studies at Delaware University (USA)
1999 – grant for research at the library of the J.F. Kennedy Free University. Berlin, Germany
1999-2000 – Fulbright research grant, University of Southern California (Irvine)
2003 – grant for participation in Salzburg Seminar in American Literature, Austria
2004 – grant of the Russian Fulbright Alumni Association for publication of the book The Self-reflexive Dimensions of Henry James.
2002, 2004, 2005 – grants for development of new educational technologies (academic distant learning projects) from Project Harmony, Inc.
2006, 2007 –  grants for development of new educational technologies (academic distant learning projects) from Fairly Dickinson University (Department of Global Learning)
2010  – Fulbright grant for International Teacher’s Training Workshop Teaching Literature in Post-Literary Times: Challenges of Interdisciplinarity