№3 2017

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Author: Olga A. Svetlakova
About the author:

Olga A. Svetlakova (PhD, Associate Professor at Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia)

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The paper considers the reception of Juan Rulfo as it is exemplified in the 1970 Russian translation of a short story from the collection Llano en llamas. The comparison of the translation with the original sheds light on both Rulfo’s epic narrative and the inevitable limitations of Soviet Latin American studies of the period. The reasons for these limitations include the ideological background of the translations (e.g. Soviet treatment of Christian discourse), the inevitable idiosyncrasies of the period’s literary translation and, last but not least, the translator’s personal touch.

Keywords: Juan Rulfo, «En la madrugada», Perla Glazova, Soviet Latin American studies, history of literary translation.

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