№3 2017

УДК / UDK: 82(091)


Author: Elena S. Ostrovskaya
About the author:

Elena S. Ostrovskaya (PhD, Associate Professor; National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

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The article examines an episode in the correspondence between the African American poet Langston Hughes and “The International Literature” magazine: 1934-7 letters to Hughes from Walt Carmon, an American editor of the journal in 1933–1936, and Sergey Dinamov, Editor-in-chief in 1933–1937. An epistolary relationship with a literary institution (a journal affiliated first with an international and then a Soviet writers' organization) rather than individual private correspondents offers a new perspective on Hughes’ extensive epistolary corpus, so far published only in selected volumes, and his relations with the USSR.

Keywords: Langston Hughes, USSR, “International Literature”, Walt Carmon, Sergey Dinamov, correspondence, Soviet-American literary contacts.

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